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Verblio’s Submission Review Period
Verblio’s Submission Review Period

This article describes the Submission Review Period, what actions should be taken during that time, and what happens if no action is taken.

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At Verblio, submissions are held to a Submission Review Period - a length of time where you can choose to accept (purchase), decline, or request edits on the content in your queue.

How does the review period work?

Whenever you receive a submission from a Verblio writer, you’ll have 14 days to take action on that content. Taking action includes one of three things:

If you decide to Request Edits, the Submission Review Period will pause and then reset as soon as the writer completes the edit request.

If you do not take any of these actions, we will take action on your behalf.

  • If the submission belongs to a request that is active, we will purchase that submission and fulfill the request on your behalf (don’t worry, submissions must also meet our quality standard minimums for this to happen).

  • If a submission belongs to a request that is not active, we will decline the content on your behalf instead.

How will I know when a submission is up for auto-action?

We will email you daily when 1+ submissions are halfway through their Submission Review Period. That way, you’re aware of when a submission is up for auto-action. These emails are sent to you based on your Subscription Notification email preferences.

By default, the Submission Review Period is 14 days, but if this is an issue for you or your team, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help.

As of April 2023, this review period does not change if you use White Label.

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