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How To Request Edits On A Submission
How To Request Edits On A Submission

If you receive a submission that needs a few changes, use the Edit Request feature to make that happen.

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When Should I Send A Submission Back For Edits?

We recommend that you request edits on any piece that is close to meeting your expectations and can become purchasable in three or fewer rounds of edit requests.

While the edit request feature is the perfect way to turn a good submission into a great submission, not every change needs to be made using the edit request feature. If you’d like the writer to add a specific source to piece, or if you want the writer to create a stronger call to action, go ahead and make those edit requests.

However, if the piece has a few misspelled words or you just want to add one specific sentence in paragraph 3, it’s probably faster and easier for you to accept the piece, and just make those changes yourself.

Remember, our writers are flexible and are willing to work with you to write content that meets your expectations. It’s in their best interest, too, since they don’t get paid until you are satisfied enough with the piece to purchase it.

How to Make an Edit Request

After you review a submission and are ready to request edits, simply click the “Request Edits” option located under the submission's title:

You’ll be taken to the Request Edits page where you can request line-by-line revisions as well as more general edits regarding the overall submission.

To request edits, simply click and highlight some text in the piece. A text box will appear on the right-hand side where you can add a request for the writer. Simply press your keyboard’s ‘enter’ key or click elsewhere on the page to save each request. The text of the content will remain highlighted yellow for your reference.

Highlight as many sentences or paragraphs as you’d like and feel free to add as many tasks as needed. You can click on each request in the right-hand Request Edits box and the page will automatically scroll to the highlighted text so you can easily review the requests you’ve already made.

Remember: Writers are not forced to complete all edit requests. Although it is in their best interest to do so, writers may decline to complete some or all edit requests if they don’t understand what’s being asked of them. Be as clear and specific as possible with each request to ensure that your writer fully understands which revisions need to be made and to help you receive the top-notch writing!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to add general edit requests. These requests pertain to the content as a whole and can relate to the writer’s style, tone, etc.

We understand that longer pieces can take a while to review and you may not be able to complete your entire edit request in one session. To take a break without losing your work, simply click the “Save for later” button. The requests you’ve made so far will be saved so you can come back and complete your edit request at a later time.

When you’ve finished your requests, click the "Send to writer" button.

Click OK on the confirmation pop-up to finalize your edit request and send it to the writer.

Once an edit has been requested, the words "Awaiting Editing" will appear in the right-hand corner of the submission.

When Will the Revisions be Completed?

Most revisions are completed in 48-72 hours, depending on the extent of the edit request and the length of the content. You should expect your revisions to be completed in no more than 7 days.

If you have a deadline for your request and need the edits completed within a certain time, we recommend that you communicate this to the writer in your edit request using the General Edit Request text box.

Reviewing Your Edited Content

When the writer has made the edits, you'll receive an email notification from the Verblio team. The submission will return to the bottom of your queue and it will have a yellow “Edited” label.

Click the “Request Edits” button to see which requests were completed.

Green check marks will appear next to the completed requests and red x’s will appear next to the requests that the writer declined to complete (or was unable to complete.)

Making Multiple Rounds of Edit Requests

Need to make more edit requests? No problem! Simply click the “Start New Edit Request” button to add more tasks for your writer to review. Older tasks will still be shown for your reference and new tasks will appear above the older tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request edits on purchased content?

You can only make edit requests on your submissions. Content that have been purchased or declined is no longer eligible for edit requests. However, once you "accept" a submission, you gain the copyright to that content so you're welcome to make any changes you wish to your purchased content.

How many edit requests can I make?

Verblio does not have a limit on the number of edit requests you can make. However, we recommend that you make no more than 3 rounds of edit requests. If you find that it’s necessary to make more than 3 round of edit requests, the submission just may not be a good fit for you and it may be best to decline the piece entirely.

What if a writer declines some or all of my edit request?

Writers are not forced to complete an edit request even it is in their best interest to do so. If a writer declines your edit request, they may be confused about your request and you may just need to submit a second edit request with more specific instructions.

Here are a few reasons why a writer may decline some or all of your edit request:

  • A specific edit request is confusing and the writer is not sure how to complete it.

  • A specific edit request seems unreasonable or impossible to complete without fully rewriting a large section of the text.

  • A specific request is not possible for the writer to complete (such as a request for photos, for example).

If a writer declines some of all of your edit request and you're not sure why, feel free to email [email protected]. We'd be happy to reach out to the writer and help them complete your request.

What if I need to ask the writer a question?

Writers and customers are currently unable to communicate directly within or outside of the Verblio platform. If you need to communicate to the writer, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll happily pass that along to your writer.

How long will it take the writer to complete my edit request?

Most revisions are completed in 48-72 hours, but you should expect your revisions to be completed in no more than 7 days. If an edit request has not been completed after 7 days, we recommend that you email [email protected] so our team can follow up with the writer.

If you have a deadline for your request and need the edits completed within a certain time, we recommend that you communicate this to the writer in your edit request using the General Edit Request text box.

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