*Note: We're hard at work on long-term white label platform upgrades! As a result, Verblio currently has two white label platform views. If you signed up for Verblio after May 6th, 2020, you're viewing the correct help page. Customers using Verblio before that date have access to Verblio's original white label platform and should refer to our help page located here.

If you are an agency working with Verblio to purchase content for one or more clients, you likely want to share content with them without revealing that you're working with us. Use the white label feature to do just that! 

Use Verblio's white label feature to securely share submissions with your clients via a secure custom domain. Then receive their feedback in-app so you can easily work on next steps with our writers. 

Getting Started 

Click on your email address in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and choose White Label from the drop-down menu:

You'll see three (3) tabs that you can navigate: Subscriptions, Users, Settings. 


Use the Settings tab for baseline customizations. You can edit the displayed agency name and URL, upload your agency logo, and toggle the submission visibility setting.

Your clients will access their content at a custom domain at [yourbrandname].editspace.com.  Use the Agency name field to edit the subdomain part of the editspace URL. 

Logo: Add your logo to the clients whitelabel view. We recommend uploading a .jpg, .png, or .gif (600px wide at 72dpi).

You can also choose to make all new submissions visible to your clients by default. Just check the appropriate box located near the bottom of the settings tab.


The 'Users' tab allows you to invite your clients to view Verblio submissions. Click 'Add a new user' to get started:

Enter your client's email address and choose the subscriptions you'd like them to access. Click 'Invite' at the bottom of the dialog box.

Your client(s) will receive an email with instructions to create a password and log in to view their submissions at your chosen secure domain. They can simply bookmark that log-in page for easy access to their visible submissions.


The subscriptions tab provides a general overview of all of your subscriptions. You may view the number of submissions visible to each client, and the users who have permission to view content for each subscription. 

The display name is by default the same as the system name, but you can easily change this. Click on each display name to edit it and choose a new name that your client(s) will see from the white label URL.

Click on the gray eye icon to totally disable visibility for each subscription. This is especially handy if you need to work with our writers or edit submissions, or if you're just not ready for your client to log in and start reading submissions. 

Your Client's View

You must make submissions visible to your client in order for them to view the content in their white label view. 

From your submission's page, use the visibility toggle switch to make easy submission visible to your client:

Your client will see each submission in the white label feature:

They can click on the title of each submission to read the full piece of content and give feedback using a thumbs up/thumbs down rating and leave general comments.

Client comments will appear on the submission page. Click the "White Label" button to expand feedback.

End User Experience


My client forgot their password. How do they reset it?

Clients cannot reset their own password, but agencies can do this quite easily. Go to the 'Users' tab and click on the menu icon (3 dots) to reset the password for your end client. They will receive an email with instructions to finish the password reset process. 

How do I make submissions visible to my client?
You can control which submissions your client can see through the white label platform. Go to the submissions page and toggle the visibility switch to either hide or unhide the submission in white label. 

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