How To Decline A Submission

Learn how to manage submissions that do not meet your expectations.

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When Should I Decline A Post?

While we aim for every writer's submission to meet your expectations and to require only minimal edit requests, sometimes a post just misses the mark. If you receive a piece of content that is completely unworkable, does not pertain to your business, or you anticipate changes taking more than three rounds of edits to fix, then you should decline it.

How To Decline A Post

You can only decline viewed submissions. So if your submission says "New," simply click on the title of the content to expand it. 

To decline a post, click on the “Decline” button located underneath the submission's title and next to the “Request Edits” button:

Use the comment box that follows to state exactly why you are declining the piece of content. Other writers can read these comments, and if you are very specific about why you didn't like a certain submission, other writers will be careful to avoid these mistakes.

Be careful, though! Writers are allowed to re-use declined content elsewhere and submit declined pieces to different customers. Once you click decline, please know that you will probably not be able to get that submission back.

What If A Submission Has Something Seriously Wrong?

If you see something seriously wrong with a piece of content, please reach out to [email protected]. Our team is happy to hear your concerns and make sure you only receive top-notch content going forward!

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