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Your Verblio Guided Tour
Your Verblio Guided Tour

Welcome to Verblio! Let us show you around!

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New to Verblio and don't know where to start? In our Guided Tour video below, we’ll show you the ins and outs of our platform to help get you started and set up for success!


Your Account, Subscription(s), and Credits

There are a few things to note about your account at Verblio. While you will only ever have 1 account, you can have as many subscriptions as you would like (the minimum being 1). If you’re an agency, you’ll find that ‘Subscriptions’ may be labeled as ‘Clients’ on your dashboard.

The distinction between your account and subscriptions is important, because we offer features at each level, and some subscription-level features aren’t shared between other subscriptions or your account. Let’s dive into what this means through the short 2-minute video below.

As you watched above, you’ll find that the account-level features include important tools such as payment details, managing your members, and tracking your invoices. But at the subscription-level, you’ll find your subscription plan, credits, and where you’ll request and review content.

Remember, credits are used to request and purchase content on the Verblio platform and are deposited to your account monthly, based on your subscription plan. Credits do roll over month-to-month, but have a 6-month lifespan! You can learn more about our credit procedures here.

Managing Your Account

The account-level features available to you include:

  • User Preferences

  • Email Preferences

  • Payment Info

  • and Invoices

These features can be accessed via the top right-hand dropdown menu. Watch the video below for a walk-through of this menu!

Managing Your Subscription

All of the content in the middle of your screen (AKA, your dashboard) belongs to your subscription, and if you click through the subscription list on the left-hand side, you’ll notice that the content in the dashboard changes. That’s because dashboard features are all subscription-specific!

The content within the dashboard doesn't get shared between subscriptions. That includes things like credits, your subscription plan, business info, and delivery settings.

To understand each of these features, check out the short 4 minute video below.

Requesting Content

Verblio writers produce content on-spec, meaning they’ll tailor their submission based on the details of your request. Because of this, it’s important that you activate well-written requests, so writers clearly understand your, or your client’s, needs.

The below 5-minute video will guide you through the Request process and why it’s one of the most important features for you to get familiar with.

Reviewing Submissions & Writers

Once you receive a submission in your queue, you gain access to features that allow you to start curating your own pool of trusted writers. This includes ways for you to get to know your writer, review their content, and even mark submissions for purchase while you’re waiting for internal approvals.

One thing to note - submissions come with a 14-day Submission Review Period by default. During this timeframe, you can decide whether you want to purchase, decline, or request edits on the submissions in your queue.

Watch the 6-minute video below to learn about all of the features available to you on the Submissions tab.

Need a different Submission Review Period? Please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help.

White Label

If you’re an agency or if you’re a business with more than 1 subscription, you’ll also have access to our White Label feature. If you do, please see our White Label help page for more information on our White Label feature and how to share content with your clients.

Helpful Resources

Have a few questions about your Verblio account? Email [email protected] to chat with our team.

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