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How to Change Your Verblio Plan
How to Change Your Verblio Plan

Need to change your word-count or credit allotment? Here's how to change your plan.

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Need to make some changes to your Verblio subscription? Verblio allows you to change your plan at any time during the month, as often as you need.

Visit the Change Plan page:
Log in to your subscription, click the “More” button, and then choose the “Change Plan” option.

Select a word-count:

When you sign up a new subscription or change your plan, you can choose from the following word lengths OR you can choose a custom word length:

Select the number of pieces per month:

Select your content package:

Choose to receive a video subscription (optional):

Looking for content beyond written text? Choose +Video and we'll turn each of your purchased pieces of content into a slide-show style video. Learn more about our video offerings here.

Monthly or Annual packages:

Choose to pay for your plan on a monthly or annual basis (click here to learn about our annual plan option), then preview and confirm the plan change:

Billing Details

When you change your plan, you won’t lose the money you’ve already paid as long as you don’t expire your subscription during the change. We use an internal crediting system, so if you have any content credits remaining at the time of your plan change, those content credits will be wiped out and added as a monetary credit to your Verblio account. 

Please note that when you switch, you will be charged again because your billing date will change to this day of the month. You will not be charged again until one month after the new billing date. Any remaining content credits on your subscription right now will be credited back to your Verblio account.

If you have more than one subscription that you'd like to change, you’ll follow these same steps for each subscription.

Downgrades and Professional Service Plan Changes

Most of the time, changing your Verblio plan will change your billing date and automatically charge your credit card. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Here are those cases:

  • Downgrading the number of content pieces per month with NO change to the word length.

  • Adding or removing professional service add-ons (+Photo, +Optimize, and Verblio Complete) with NO change to the word length.

The Anatomy of a Subscription-Change Receipt

After you change your plan, you'll receive a receipt from us via email. In this example, a customer decided to upgrade their subscription from 1 300-word post per month to 3 1500-word posts per month. Here's the receipt that the customer received after finalizing the change:

Prorated Credit (credit given for old plan): This is the amount that the customer was given credit for, after being on the old plan for four days. Note the negative amount on the first line.

Prorated Charge (charge for new plan): This is the total charge to the customer on the new plan.

Total (total charge, less the credit): This is the difference between the credit applied from the old subscription, which is taken off the new pro-rated charge. The difference is what the customer was charged. Since the customer downgraded, the total is a credit with a negative sign in front of the total, meaning that amount will be taken off the next invoice. If the customer had upgraded their subscription, the total amount would be a positive number that represents the amount charged to the customer's credit card.

Here's a receipt that a customer received after downgrading their plan from 6 1000-word posts per month to 3 1000-word posts per month. Because the customer kept their word length of 1000 words, their credit card was not charged and their renewal date remained the same:

Need some Verblio advice? Email [email protected] to chat with our team.

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