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Your Dashboard Explained: Submissions, Purchased, Declined, and Withdrawn Content
Your Dashboard Explained: Submissions, Purchased, Declined, and Withdrawn Content

Learn your way around your Verblio dashboard by exploring your submissions, purchases, declines, and withdrawn content.

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For each subscription, your dashboard displays four categories of content: Submissions, Purchases, Declines, and Withdrawn.

To access each category, just click on the “Submissions” drop-down menu, and choose one of the categories.


This category contains the content that has been submitted for you to review and either accept (purchase) or decline. You don’t own the content listed here, so think of this category as a staging area.

From the submissions page, you can read each piece of content and then request edits from the writer, accept the submission as is, or decline it. 

How to Accept a Submission

Accepting a piece of content is easy. Because you reserve credits when you activate requests, simply click the "accept" button for the submission.

If you are purchasing an extra submission, you can choose to accept it using an additional credit or with a one-off purchase.


This category contains all of the content that you have accepted and you now own the rights to. Once you accept a submission, it migrates from the Submissions page to the Purchases page.

You now own the rights to this content so you can make any changes you wish to it.

You can also visit the Purchases page to redeliver content to your email or your WordPress or Hubspot account.

  • Use the Copy button to copy and paste the content from the Verblio platform

  • Use the HTML button view and copy your content in html formatting

  • Finally, use the Redeliver button to deliver your purchased content via your chosen preference -- either to your email, your WordPress account, or your HubSpot account


This category contains the submission that just didn’t work for you. Once a submission has been declined, it is sent here and the writer retains all of the rights.

Make sure that you really can’t use a piece of content before you decline it, as this action cannot be undone. 


Writers are allowed to withdraw submission that customers haven't viewed yet and submissions that customers have viewed but haven't taken any action on in at least 6 weeks. Once a writer withdraws a post, they are allowed to use the content elsewhere or submit the post to a different customer. This means it's very important to regularly log in to your account and take action on the posts in your queue.

How can you prevent writers from withdrawing their posts?

  1. Review each new submission as soon as possible: as soon you view the submission, writers cannot withdraw it for at least 6 weeks.

  2. Withdrawn: the sooner you make an edit request, accept, or decline a piece of content, the better. Writers want to sell their work on the first try, but we think 6 weeks is plenty of time for customers to decide whether or not they want to purchase a a piece of content. 

Still have a few questions? As always, you can send an email with your questions to [email protected].

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