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2021 Crediting Update: How Are Requests Changing?
2021 Crediting Update: How Are Requests Changing?

Learn how to activate, deactivate and assign content requests after January 25th, 2021.

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Starting on January, 25th 2021, credits will be consumed when you request a piece of content rather than when you accept a submission. This update paves the way for exciting features and improvements throughout 2021!

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2) What Is Going Away?

This guide explains exactly how the January 25th update will change the way you request content and use your Verblio credits.

Request Form Improvements

Selecting Your Content Type

The Verblio request form layout has been revamped for increased usability. You can now access the content type menu within the request form. You no longer need to choose a content type before creating a new request, and you may change your content type at any time while creating a request.

Selecting Your Quantity

Before activating your request, please tell us how many pieces of content you wish to purchase for your request. We'll be discontinuing unlimited "ongoing" requests, though you can still ask for multiple submissions for a single request.

The number of pieces you plan to purchase corresponds to the number of credits that will be used when you activate your request. For example, if you would like to purchase 2 600-word blog posts on the same topic, fill in the quantity field to "2".

(Not sure you have enough credits to cover your request? Scroll down to read how we've made request activation payment options more flexible!)

Selecting Your Payment Method

Before you click “Activate Request” you must select your payment method: existing credits, credit card, or mixed.

If you select existing credits, the request will use one or more of your current credits upon activation. If you choose to use your credit card to activate the request, you will purchase a new credit that will then be used for the request. Don't have enough credits available this month to cover the multiple pieces of content you want to receive? Use the "mixed" option to use your remaining credits and charge the rest to your credit card.

Deactivating Requests

Don't worry, using a credit to activate a request isn't a commitment to having to purchase a submission. Any request you choose to deactivate will result in credits being returned to your account.

Requests that were activated with your credit card will be refunded in the form of platform credits when deactivated. You will not receive a monetary refund for requests activated by credit card.

Additional Request-Specific Changes

10 Topics and Proposed Requests

Are you a frequent 10 Topics buyer? Do your preferred writers propose topic ideas to you? Now when you accept a topic idea, the proposed request will be sent to your “Inactive Requests” folder which you can find in the ‘Active Request’ dropdown. From there, edit each request and set your desired quantity in order to use your credit(s) and activate it.

Assigned Requests

The deadline and assigned request functionality will remain largely the same. You will use a credit when you activate your request. If a direct assignment is declined by your preferred writer, the request is deactivated and sent to your “inactive requests” folder (shown above). When a request is deactivated the credit is returned to your dashboard.

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