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How to Assign Requests to Writers
How to Assign Requests to Writers

Use direct assignments to request specific writers to submit content to you.

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Do you have a specific Verblio writer in mind for your writing projects? With direct assignments, you can ask your favorite writers to tackle your requests. 

Simply create your request, set a deadline, and choose your preferred writer. The writer will accept or reject the assignment within 24 hours, so you can be 100% certain that your favorite writer is working on your writing project. 

Read on for full instructions!

*Note: This feature is currently in beta and has not been released to all customers. You'll receive an in-App notification when this feature is available for you to use. If you're interested in testing it out, please contact us at [email protected]

Create a Request

Click on the Requests button to access the Requests page. Click the + New Request button and choose your desired content type (learn more about Verblio's content type offerings here):

Add a title for your request and then use the description field to explain what type of content you’d like to receive. Make your description as specific as possible; the more direction you provide, the better our writers can align themselves with your expectations.

(You can find more detailed instructions for creating requests here.)

Assign the Request

Below the request description field, you'll see two options: Add Deadline and Assign Preferred Writer. You can add a deadline without assigning a preferred writer, but if you assign a preferred writer, you must add a deadline. 

Click Assign Preferred Writer. Either scroll through your list of preferred writers or use the search field to find the desired writer. Click on the writer's name and then click "Request this writer." 

Set Your Deadline

Make sure you choose a deadline. Otherwise, our system will automatically set it to the soonest date available (learn more about deadlines here).

Once you've chosen a writer and set a deadline for your request, click the 'Activate Request' button to publish your request and notify your preferred writer.

Writer Response

Your requested writer has 24 hours to either accept or reject your assignment. 

If a writer accepts your assignment, you will receive an email notification and you will see the following label on the requests page:

Alternatively, if a writer declines your assignment, you’ll receive an email notification and the request will move to the Inactive Requests page. You must reactivate the request then either select a new writer or make it open to all writers:

Hover your cursor over the request, click "view/edit", and then assign a new preferred writer. 

Have a few questions about your Verblio account? Email [email protected] to chat with our team. 

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