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How to Create and Manage Requests
How to Create and Manage Requests

Learn how to create requests so you can receive content from Verblio writers.

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In the Verblio platform, customers create requests to receive content from our writers. Without requests, you cannot receive content! Read our step-by-step instructions to learn how to create and manage your requests.

How to Add a Request

If you don't yet have requests in the system, you'll be alerted to that fact when you sign in.

Click on the Requests button to access the Requests page. Here, you can manage your active and inactive requests, and add new ones.

Click the + New Request button and choose your desired content type (learn more about Verblio's content type offerings here):

Enter your request:

Add a title for your request and then use the description field to explain what type of content you’d like to receive. Make your description as specific as possible; the more direction you provide, the better our writers can align themselves with your expectations.

  • The thesis/goal of your post

  • The tone of voice

  • Identify your target audience

  • A call to action

  • Links to resources that writers should read or reference in their writing

Don't forget to use our formatting menu to create requests that are well-organized and easy to read.

Do you have a few resources for our writers to read or cite in their writing? Either insert links into the request description field or upload PDFs to the request:

Use the Add SEO Requirements field to provide SEO instructions to writers, including keywords to include in their submission(s), internal links, external links, etc. (Click here to learn more about adding SEO requirements to your requests.)

Should you need to take a break at any point along the way, use the Save Progress button so you can pick up where you left off at a later time. But, once you've perfected your request, click the 'Activate Request' button to publish your request and start receiving submissions:

How many pieces of content do you want to receive?

Before activating your request, please tell us how many pieces of content you wish to purchase for your request. The number of pieces you plan to purchase corresponds to the number of credits that will be used when you activate your request. For example, if you would like to purchase 2 600-word blog posts on the same topic, fill in the quantity field to "2".

Selecting Your Payment Method

Before you click “Activate Request” you must select your payment method: existing credits, credit card, or mixed.

If you select existing credits, the request will use one or more of your current credits upon activation. If you choose to use your credit card to activate the request, you will purchase a new credit that will then be used for the request. Don't have enough credits available this month to cover the multiple pieces of content you want to receive? Use the "mixed" option to use your remaining credits and charge the rest to your credit card.

Activating your Request

Once you click Activate Request, our writers will get to work! You'll receive an email notification with every submission received. From there, you can request edits from the writer(s), accept the submission (using your reserved credit), or decline the submission and wait for a new one.

Deactivating Requests

Don't worry, using a credit to activate a request isn't a commitment to having to purchase a submission. Any request you choose to deactivate will result in credits being returned to your account.

Requests that were activated with your credit card will be refunded in the form of platform credits when deactivated. You will not receive a monetary refund for requests activated by credit card.

Managing your requests:

The Requests page shows all of your active requests by default. You can view all of your Draft, Active, Fulfilled, and Deleted requests by using the drop-down menu.

(Not sure where to find a specific request that you know you already created? Tip: use the search bar at the top of the page.)

The numbers that appear next to request titles indicate how many submissions you have received. A pink dot will alert you that a brand new submission is waiting for review.

How do I edit, deactivate, and delete requests?

When viewing your Active Requests, simply hover over each request to view, edit, or delete it.

Editing requests is a great way to add further details and pertinent information you may have forgotten. If you're looking to change the request entirely, we suggest that you delete or pause it (more on this below). If you don’t want content on it anymore, and then add a new one. Changing a request also changes it in the submissions you've already received, so you could end up with content that just doesn't make sense with the new edits.

If you want to stop receiving submissions on a request, but you aren't ready to delete it, simply click "edit" and then click the "deactivate" button. When you're ready to start receiving submissions again, you can simply navigate to the Inactive Requests page and re-activate it.

Ready to start receiving content from our crowd of writers? Log in and start creating requests! Of course, if you have any questions, reach out to [email protected].

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