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Setting Deadlines for Requests

Use Verblio's deadline feature (beta) to communicate request deadlines to your writers.

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At Verblio, we know how crucial it is to meet project deadlines. And for our customers, being able to ensure that writers meet their deadlines is a top priority.

Verblio's deadline feature allows you to better communicate your deadlines to writers and know for certain that your request is being worked on!

*Note: This feature is currently in beta and has not been released to all customers. You'll receive an in-App notification when this feature is available for you to use. If you're interested in testing it out, please contact us at [email protected]

About Deadlines

Deadlines allow you to communicate to writers when you need to receive their first draft on a request. A writer will claim your request and submit a piece to you by your set deadline. You can set deadlines for all one-time requests. (Click here to learn more about creating requests.)

Deadlines will be available to your preferred writers only for the first 48 hours after the deadline has been created. If none of your preferred writers claim the request after 48 hours, we'll open the deadline up to all eligible writers to ensure that you receive a submission on time.

When you set a deadline, keep in mind that you will only receive one piece of content at a time. The only way you will receive multiple submission on a request with a deadline is if you decline the first submission and wait for another writer to claim the request and submit a second article.

Ready to start creating deadlines? Read on to learn how!

How To Set a Deadline

You can set deadlines for one-time requests only. Create a request and click on the “Deadline” field:

Once you click on the Deadline field, a calendar will appear. Choose the date in which you want to receive the first draft for this request. Remember, you are setting a deadline for the writer's first draft. Make sure to set a deadline that ensures you have enough to review the content and request edits on it.

Please note that the system automatically shows your the earliest possible deadline that you can choose. This ensures that writers are not rushed and have enough time to create high-quality content.

Once you select a date, set the time for the deadline. Don’t forget to select the correct time zone from the drop-down menu.

Click the “Save Deadline” button to finalize your deadline.

You can quickly check which requests have deadlines as they have the date of your deadline next to the title. (A red date indicates that your request is past due.)

After You've Set a Deadline: What Happens Next?

Once you set a deadline, a writer will claim it and commit to submitting a post by your set deadline. For each deadline, your preferred writers will have 48 hours to claim the deadline. If it is unclaimed after 48 hours, any writers who are eligible to write for your subscription will be able to claim the deadline.

We'll email you as soon as a writer claims your request. Next, just wait until you receive the submission (you'll receive an email notification each time you receive a new submission) and then you can review it as usual.

Not sure what to do when you receive a submission? Check out our guide to help you master requesting edits, declining, and accepting content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my deadline?

Yes! You can change your deadline at any time, and this includes postponing your deadline or pushing it to be sooner.

We strongly advise against changing your deadline to a sooner date because your writer may not be able to meet the new deadline or the post you receive may be of a lesser quality than it would have been had the writer been able to submit their post at the original deadline.

Can I create a request without a deadline and then add a deadline at a later time?

Yes! You can set deadlines on all existing requests for one single piece of content. Just remember that the system shows you the earliest possible deadline that you can choose. If you need to receive content faster than our deadline features allows for, please contact Verblio Support for assistance ([email protected]).

What if I don't receive a submission by my deadline?

We are committed to delivering content to you on time! If a writer doesn't meet your deadline, please email [email protected] so we can make sure you receive a post as soon as possible.

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