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Verblio Credits and Subscription Info
Verblio Credits and Subscription Info

Check your Verblio dashboard to learn how many credits you have and when your subscription is scheduled to renew.

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You can always check the details of your subscription by going to your Submissions page. When you login to your Verblio account, you'll be taken to this page by default.

To find out exactly how many credits you have and when you will receive more post credits, just look for a statement similar to this under your navigation menu:

"4 credits remain for this subscription period. 1 credit will be added on Thursday, March 14th."

Alternatively, you can view your subscription details on the “Subscription Status” page located under the “more” tab.

From here you’ll be able to view your current subscription status and renewal information. This is also where you’ll be able to select to skip a billing month or change your subscription.

Verblio Credits

When/How are credits used?

Credits will be added to your verblio dashboard on a monthly basis. As long as your subscription is active, you will receive monthly credits. If you have a monthly subscription, you will be billed monthly. If you have an annual subscription you will be billed annually.

Verblio post credits are used to activate requests and accept content. Credits are reserved from your dashboard when a request is activated. Your request quantity corresponds to the number of credits that will be reserved when you activate your request. Reserved credits are later consumed when the requested submissions are accepted.

Don't worry, using a credit to activate a request isn't a commitment to having to purchase a submission. Any request you choose to deactivate will result in credits being returned to your dashboard.

In the event that you receive an additional submission to a request, you can use available credits to purchase content à la carte.

Still have questions about your Verblio account? Email our team at [email protected].

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