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Credit Consumption Email Announcement
Credit Consumption Email Announcement

Review our initial update announcement that was sent to customers on Dec. 18th, 2020.

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The credit consumption update was announced to Verblio customers on December 18th, 2020:

"Hi there,

We hope this email finds you well. We’re working on a major update to our platform and wanted to give you a heads up about the changes you’ll soon see.

On January 25th, our system will switch from using one of your credits when you accept a submission, to using it when you activate a request.

What does this mean for you?

Watch this short video walkthrough or read some of the details below to prepare for the switch.

This update will not impact how you use our platform very much. The main difference will be that you can only activate as many requests as you have credits for—plus you’ll always have the option to purchase more credits on the fly if you’d like to activate additional requests. We’ll also be discontinuing unlimited “ongoing” requests, though you can still ask for multiple submissions for a single request.

And don’t worry, using a credit to activate a request isn’t a commitment to having to purchase a submission. Any request you choose to deactivate will result in credits being returned to your account.

Why are we making this change and what’s in it for you?

This is a fundamental project that will allow us to build a lot of the top-requested features and improvements customers have asked for over the years.

This change allows us to build some pretty exciting things you can look forward to using later in 2021:

  • Flexible word counts: You’ll finally be able to mix and match word lengths in a single subscription.

  • Flexible credits: You’ll soon be able to allocate credits to different subscriptions, making it easier to utilize credits flexibly across clients.

  • Simplified and unified billing: Gone will be the days of multiple invoices throughout the month. We’ll finally be able to show a master invoice.

  • More relevant, faster content: Writers will better understand that your active requests truly need content. Previously, writers would sometimes submit content for requests that clients had left active, but no longer needed.

What’s not changing?

We know this may be a big change for some of you so we want to assure you of all the things that are not changing:

  • Choice: We’ll always return your credit if you decide you no longer need content on a request. Keep only what you really want.

  • Multiple submissions: Multiple writers can still submit on the same request if they choose, or if you deliberately request multiple pieces.

  • Credits rollover: You’ll continue to have ample time to use your credits even if you fall behind during a certain month.

  • Multiple edit requests: You’ll be able to go back and forth requesting edits from our writers. We won’t commit you to accepting any piece that just isn’t quite there.

  • Pricing: This change does not impact the cost of your subscription or the cost of content on our platform.

We’re looking forward to all the cool things we can build for you with this change to our system. We’re standing by to help if you need help switching your workflow. We’ll also be following up shortly with an email that details what action, if any, you need to take before this transition to ensure a seamless continuation of your content.

Hungry to find out more? Here’s a help page with more details. You can also reach out to [email protected] with questions."

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