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White Label Case Study: A Day In The Life Of White Labeling Lemmy
White Label Case Study: A Day In The Life Of White Labeling Lemmy

Best practices and resources for agencies using White Label (featuring EditSpace)

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Hi there,

I’m White Labeling Lemmy, content creation enthusiast, and marketing manager at FruitsRus. We’re a marketing agency that specializes in web content creation for businesses that want to boost their SEO and get the word out about their products.

I started using Verblio to market my own agency, but ever since they came out with the new White Label service, I’ve been using Verblio to create content for my clients!

Verblio’s White Label service allows me to share submissions with my clients through a secure custom domain. This means I can get client feedback on content before purchasing.

Being able to communicate with my clients through White Label has streamlined my content creation and optimized my Verblio experience.

At FruitsRus, we like to break the White Labeling process into 2 workflows: Content Kickstart and Content Management. Your Kickstart workflow focuses on best practices for setting up your White Label. Once you’ve finished your content kickstart you’re ready to move onto content management. This workflow follows your content from submission to success!

Here’s how our agency uses these workflows to make White Labeling easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Content Kickstart

To access the White Label feature on your agency account, log in to your Verblio dashboard and click on your email address listed in the upper right corner. Then click “White Label” from the drop-down menu.

From there you’ll be prompted to set up your unique Editspace dashboard that your clients will access when reviewing their content. Once your domain name and agency logo are set you can start inviting users.

When adding a new White Label user you’ll be able to select which subscriptions they have viewing access to. It’s important to only invite users to view subscriptions that they are purchasing content for. Invited users will then receive a generic email from Editspace with instructions to create a password and login to review content at your secure domain. Editspace is a Verblio crafted platform made specifically for your clients.

Unfortunately, emails like this can sometimes look a bit spammy. So to ensure my clients are set up for success, I like to personally email them explaining that they’ll be receiving an email from Editspace and to please follow the links provided to set up their profile.

I then like to recommend that they bookmark the login page for easy access in the future. Check out my Lemmy Life Hacks at the bottom of this article for email templates!

Setting up your White Label account and inviting your clients to their respective subscriptions are important steps towards streamlining your content delivery. Once you’re all set up you’ll be able to start managing your content.

Content Management

Content management is an important part of the Verblio ecosystem. If you plan on having a team member(s) help you manage your content, I recommend creating a clear system that identifies who is managing which aspects of your content.

There are 3 main jobs for a White Label content manager:

  1. Monitoring active requests and new submissions - Once you have a new submission, it’s important to toggle the “visible to client” switch located on the bottom right of the submission box. Once this switch is turned on, your client will be able to review the post and leave feedback

  2. Notifying your client(s) of new submissions. Once you have made the submission(s) visible to your end client you’ll want to send an email letting them know that they have new submissions ready for review.

  3. Forwarding White Label feedback to the writer. After your client leaves feedback on their submission(s) the next step is communicating that feedback to the writer. This can be in the form of edit requests or approval/decline.

If you’re managing your Verblio content on your own, you can make your life easier by scheduling a weekly or monthly review with your clients.

For example, if your client needs 1 blog post every first week of the month, you could schedule their content review sessions for the first Wednesday of the month to ensure they have their content reviewed and purchased by the end of the workweek.

Having a schedule like this that supports your content creation goals can be a great way to stay organized and keep on track!

Lemmy Life Hacks

⭐Looking for more technical support?

- Check out our White Label help page!

⭐Ready to onboard your clients?

- Use the Client Onboarding Email Template below to ensure that your clients are set up for success.

⭐Have content ready for client review?

- Use the Client Content Review Notification Email Template below to notify your client.

Client Onboarding Email Template:


I’d like to invite you to activate your secure content review platform. Through this Editspace platform, you’ll be able to review and request edits on all of your future content.

You should have recently received an email from Editspace support inviting you to set-up your account. Please locate this email and follow the instructions to set your password. Once you have set up your account we recommend bookmarking the URL for future easy access. This dashboard is only accessible through your unique URL and login credentials.

Now that you have activated your account you will be able to login and review content and leave edit requests. I will notify you via email when you have content that is ready for review.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Thank you,

Client Content Review Notification Email Template:


You have new content that is ready for review. Please head over to your secure Editspace domain to view your content and leave feedback.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Thank you,

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