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Verblio and AI-Generated Content: 2023 Writer Policy and Guidelines

Verblio writers agree to a no-AI policy

Written by Joshua Duvauchelle
Updated over a week ago

Content generated by artificial intelligence tools — including popular platforms like ChatGPT and Jasper — is a new and fast-growing field. As one of the world’s leading content marketplaces with thousands of loyal writers, Verblio has seen a rise in questions from our writer community about our AI policies.

Put simply:

  • Verblio does NOT allow writers to submit AI-generated content

  • Verblio is implementing multiple screening tools to monitor writers’ submissions for AI content, and use of AI tools like ChatGPT and Jasper will result in a writer’s account being restricted, temporarily suspended, and/or permanently banned

Read on for a more detailed description of Verblio’s AI policy and why it matters.

Can Verblio Writers Use AI Tools to Create Content on the Verblio Platform?

Verblio has found that AI content is the wrong fit for the vast majority of its customers and writers:

  • AI content is officially defined by Google as spam content

  • AI content can’t provide thought leadership

  • AI content fails to adequately address recent events, news, and trends

  • AI content cannot create persuasive content

  • AI content is unable to hit important voice and tone requirements for brands and marketers

  • AI content struggles with the accuracy of data, math and statistics, and more

  • AI content can’t fact-check itself and typically introduces factual inaccuracies

Combined, these factors mean that AI content does not pass the high quality standards Verblio requires of all of its writers.

In fact, in analyzing hundreds of recent posts on our platform, Verblio found that content written by AI was nearly guaranteed to be rejected, require extensive edits, and/or have the writer blocked by the customer or removed by Verblio for repeated quality violations.

Put simply, Verblio has a no-AI content policy for its writers.

Our policies will continue to evolve as new writing tools and technologies appear, and we will re-evaluate our stance on AI content on a regular basis as the industry and its tools evolve further.

What Will Verblio Do if I Use an AI Tool?

Verblio is rolling out multiple AI detection tools across the platform, plus a dedicated team of human reviewers. Writers who have a large number of submissions that appear to be generated by AI tools will receive an immediate review by Verblio’s in-house team. If AI/poor quality content is confirmed, the writer will be immediately removed from our platform. As none of the automated detection methods are perfect, we are also on the lookout for false positives to ensure we don’t erroneously remove a writer solely based on a numeric score.

Will Verblio Ever Allow AI-Generated Content on Its Platform?

AI content is a poor fit for nearly all of Verblio’s customers and writers.

There are some very, very specific niches that may benefit from AI-assisted content creation. However, due to the nature of AI, even these niches require content that is led by, edited by, fact-checked by, and submitted by real human writers.

Verblio is running some exciting projects to test AI in these niches. You can read more about Verblio’s human-crafted AI content that gives customers the benefits of traditional AI content solutions, without the reputational risks and SEO risks. It's the best of both worlds, delivered by a team that already knows how to produce content at scale.

Verblio looks forward to adding that necessary human perspective to AI content, while also offering more diverse opportunities for our writer community. This is currently the only exception to our current no-AI policy.

Verblio writers chosen to be part of these special projects will be given strict guidelines on how to use AI, and specific steps and procedures to follow to ensure this AI-assisted content still meets Verblio’s high quality standards. We can’t wait to share more details about these projects shortly!

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