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Flexible Credit System
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Verblio’s New Flexible Credit System

One of our most requested features was the ability to get content of different word lengths within the same subscription. We’ve upgraded our platform to make that possible and more!

New things you can do:

  • Mix and match word lengths: Request content of varying lengths within the same subscription. Need a 600-word piece and a 1,000-word piece in the same month? You can do that now.

  • Add new content enhancements: Choose optional upgrade services like +Photo whenever you request a piece of content, even if it's not on your plan.

  • Commit and save: Commit to a quarterly or annual plan and get a bigger discount.

  • Coming soon: We’re working on building features for unified monthly invoicing, the ability to transfer credits between subscriptions and clients, and account-level credits that can be used flexibly across subscriptions and clients.

What’s different in your dashboard:

  • You’ll see more credits on your dashboard than you had before.

Credits have changed from ‘one credit = one piece of content’ to ‘one credit = $1’. So when you request content, instead of paying with one credit, you’ll pay with more.

  • New functionality with Professional Services

If you have +Optimize, +Photo, or +Video added to your plan, the service will by default, be included with each request. But you have more control over your content now—and can choose to uncheck the service and not receive it for a specific request.

If you do not have these services added to your plan, you’ll now be able to add them at the request level. In other words, you can purchase +Optimize, +Photo, or +Video in a one-off fashion, for any request you put in the system.

  • Changing your plan

When you signed up for Verblio, you built your plan around how many pieces of content you needed at a certain word length, E.g. four 600-word articles per month, or two 2000-word articles per month.

Now, if you change your plan, you’ll estimate how much content you need each month, and we’ll do the math to ensure you’re set up with the right number of credits. But better yet, even if you built your plan around wanting four 600-word articles and two 2000-word articles, you can spend that credit pool however you want.

  • Upgrading and downgrading your plan

If you upgrade your plan, the upgrade will occur on your next billing day. If you downgrade your plan, it will occur at the end of your commitment term. For monthly plan accounts, that means upgrading or downgrading occurs on the same day. But for quarterly or annual plans, the downgrade won't occur until the quarter or year commitment is complete.

  • How pricing appears on your invoice: You will see a change of a few cents on your next invoice due to the new system using whole dollars only instead of cents.

  • Available Word Lengths: We now offer word lengths in 100-word increments between 300 and 4000 words. If you currently subscribe to a word length ending in 50, your plan will be rounded down to the nearest 100. (For example: If you subscribe to one 650-word article per month, your plan will be adjusted to one 600-word article.)

What’s staying the same:

  • All the actions you could take on the platform and on your content will still be available.

  • Your credits will still renew each month and you’ll be billed monthly.

  • You will still get four skips (the ability to skip an upcoming renewal) a year if you’re on a monthly plan.

Merging Subscriptions

Do you have 2 or more subscriptions for the same client at different word lengths? Good news! You now only need 1 subscription per client, so you can eliminate those extra subscriptions to make management and organization that much easier. We'll even transfer the remaining credits for you.

Just make sure you:

  • Schedule the cancelation of the subscription(s) you would like to remove.

  • Purchase any pending submissions in the 60 day window before the subscription expires and make sure you do not have any remaining requests to fulfill. Credits can be transferred, but requests and submissions cannot.

  • Reach out to [email protected] to transfer any remaining credits to the active subscription that you are keeping.

Have specific questions about these changes? Email us at [email protected]

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