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How to Change Your Delivery Options
How to Change Your Delivery Options

Purchased content can be delivered to you via email or directly to your WordPress or HubSpot account.

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After you purchase a piece of content, you can receive it in three different ways. We can (1) send the content to you by email, (2) send it directly to your WordPress account, or (3) send it directly to your HubSpot account. These delivery methods are included in your subscription free of charge.

How to Change Your Delivery Options

To change how you receive purchased content, click on "More" then choose "Delivery Options" from the drop-down menu.

1) Receive Posts by Email

This is the default delivery method. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll send your posts to the email address that you specify here.

2) Send Blog Posts Directly To WordPress

With this option, we will send your purchased posts to your WordPress account.

Make sure to set up your WordPress account ahead of time. Then, enter your WordPress admin login URL, your WordPress username, and your WordPress password when prompted.

Test the credentials you entered to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Our system will let you know if there are any errors.

You can choose to have the posts sent as drafts for you to edit and publish later, or to have the posts published directly.

3) Send Blog Posts Directly To HubSpot

You'll need to know your HubSpot Portal ID and specify the blog that you'd like the posts to be sent to. Because HubSpot offers so many optimization options, your posts will be sent as drafts to your HubSpot blog and not published directly.

Let Verblio Do All The Work with +Optimize

If you find yourself strapped for time or if you want to take your blog posts to the next level, let Verblio publish your posts for you. We’ll add 1-2 photos per post (depending on post length), SEO optimize and format the posts, and publish them according to your preferences.

Just choose the fourth option, “Have Verblio upload my post to any platform and SEO optimize the content,” and our platform will guide you through the process to add +Optimize to your Verblio plan. 

Learn about all of Verblio's add-on services by clicking here. Have a few more questions? Email [email protected] to connect with our team!

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