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Managing Your Verblio Submissions: Easy Access Info and Locked Content
Managing Your Verblio Submissions: Easy Access Info and Locked Content

Learn the in's and out's of your submissions page.

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Our team works hard to send you timely and relevant content that helps you maintain your content strategy and meet your SEO goals, but we know that managing your submissions can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

Verblio is committed to keeping customers on track and organized, so the submissions page has a few features to help you manage your submissions and take action on content in a timely manner.

Easy Access Credit Information

When you view your Submissions page, you can easily check to see how many credits are available for you to use and the number of pieces our writers have submitted to you. Hover your mouse over the number of credits status to learn when you will receive more credits.

Flagged Submissions

We think 30 days is enough time to view a submission and decide whether you want to accept it as is, request edits on it, or simply decline it. If you’ve had submissions for over 30 days, you will see a red flag under the title and a message telling you how long it’s been since that writer first submitted the piece to you.

Hover over the flag to see when the writer submitted his or her article and learn what actions you should take on it.

Locked Content

Newer submission may become “locked” if you are on a manual delivery plan (your top submissions are not automatically delivered to you according to a schedule) and you have submissions that are older than 30 days.

Action is required on submissions that are older than 30 days in order to “unlock” your newer submissions.

How to Tell if a Submission is Locked

If a submission is locked, you will not be able to take action on it. You will still be able to read the piece, but you won't be able to accept it, decline it, or request edits on it.

Instead, you’ll see the message, “Action needed on an older post…”, in place of the Accept, Decline, and Request Edits buttons.

You can also tell if you have locked content by checking "number of submissions in queue" message at the top of your queue. If the number of submissions in your queue message is highlighted red, this indicates that you have one or more “locked” pieces and you need to take action on at least one submission.

Hover over the message to learn how many submissions are locked:

Unlocking Submissions

What actions can you make in order to “unlock” and view your newer submissions?

It’s simple -- just accept, decline, or request edits on the submissions that are older than 30 days, and you’ll regain access to your newer content.

Ordering Of Submissions

If you take content manually by clicking the “Accept” button for each piece, the content on your Submissions page will be ordered from oldest to newest. The oldest submissions will always be at the top of your submissions page. To view your new submissions, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Scheduled Delivery Plans

Scheduled customers can still change the order of the submissions in order to schedule purchases. Just click and drag each piece to change its order for auto-delivery.

Still have questions? As always, feel free to email [email protected] with any questions about your subscription!

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