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Do I Need to Credit My Verblio Writers?
Do I Need to Credit My Verblio Writers?

It's not necessary to credit Verblio for the content we write for you. Learn more here.

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Once you purchase a piece of content and are ready to publish it on your website or elsewhere, you may be wondering, "Should I credit my Verblio writer?" This is a great question, but the answer is easy: No!

Verblio writers are hired as ghostwriters, so they do not expect to have their names and photos published along with their writing. In fact, some writers do not want to have their names published because they are freelance writers and are very conscious about their online presence.

Our general policy is that customers should not publish the names of their Verblio writers unless they have gained permission from each writer by contacting [email protected]. Once you purchase a post from Verblio, you gain the copyright to that content. You can credit yourself as the author or any one of your team members.

Anything else you’re still wondering about? Send us an email at [email protected]. 

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