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When do my credits expire?
When do my credits expire?

Learn about Verblio's credit expiration policy, how long you have to use your credits, and how to manage your credits as your needs change.

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Every Verblio subscription credit expires six months after it was purchased if not used.

How do I know if I have credits expiring? Will you tell me before my credits expire?

Of course! Before expiring any credit, we notify customers on their dashboard (on the Submissions tab) when credits are about to expire.

Will I get an email notification when my credits are about to expire?

Yes! We want make sure all of your credits go towards content that helps your business grow. In addition to a credit expiration notification on your dashboard, if you have one or more credits that are older than six months, Verblio will send you an email in advance to let you know:

  • Which subscriptions have expiring credits

  • Exactly how many credits are about to expire

  • When they will be scheduled to expire

  • What to do to prevent them from expiring

Example of a credit expiration email Verblio will send to notify you when your subscriptions have expiring credits

Which credits expire first? How does Verblio decide which credits to expire?

Verblio uses a first-in-first-out (FIFO) method for credit expiration. We will always expire your oldest credits first and will use these credits to purchase content on your behalf if you have submissions available for purchase.

What happens if I have submissions in my queue when credits are due to expire?

There are 2 different scenarios that could take place when credits expire and submissions are in the queue. First, if an active request has a submission in the queue, and the credits used to activate the request are going to expire within 24 hours, we will auto-purchase the submission rather than expire those credits.

If submissions are in the queue and not associated with an active request, and the credits in your pool are about to expire, we will auto-purchase a submission from your queue. That way you receive content with the credits you've purchased.

What happens to my credits if I cancel my subscription?

60 days after you cancel a subscription, that subscription expires, which prevents any further action from being taken in that subscription. Any credits that were set to expire before your subscription expiration, will do so as normal. Any other unused credits—regardless of expiration date—expire along with that subscription after 60 days.

Learn more about canceling subscriptions here.

Is there a maximum number of credits I can have in my subscription? Why should I use my credits as quickly as possible?

While there is no maximum, and credits do roll over until their expiration date, because you only use credits when you decide to purchase a submission, we encourage customers to act quickly to continue to receive timely, consistent content. Writers love working with customers who review submissions and make purchase decisions or edit requests quickly.

What should I do to prevent my credits from expiring?

You have a couple of options to prevent your credits from expiring:

Accept a Submission: Log in to your account, and review the content on your Submissions tab. If you have submissions that you like and want to purchase, go ahead and accept them now and use your content credits before they expire.

Activate a Request: To receive more content and use your credits, make sure you have active requests on your account. Without requests, writers cannot write content for you. Add requests to your account by logging in and heading to your Requests tab.

Need help creating the perfect request? Click here for our guide.

Let us help: Having trouble thinking of requests? Ask one of our Inbound certified content strategists to create 10 topics for you by clicking the 10 Topics banner at the top of the Requests tab.

We always want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Verblio subscription. If you have questions or need support, please reach out to our friendly team at [email protected].

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