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Topic Ideas: Proposed Topics from Preferred Writers
Topic Ideas: Proposed Topics from Preferred Writers

Need help coming up creating requests? Let your preferred writers help by pitching topics ideas to you.

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Topic Ideas are suggestions for new topics that are sent to you by your preferred writers. Only your preferred writers can propose new topic ideas to you.

Don’t have any preferred writers yet? Learn how here.

Why Should I Use Topic Ideas?

Topic ideas can be a lifesaver, if you’re having trouble coming up with your own topics. Request topic ideas, in addition to creating your own requests, to add more variety to your content. Submitting topic ideas encourages your best writers to write for you even more.

Can I Request and Purchase Topic Ideas?

If you need content ideas, Verblio's got them. Try 10 Topics to load your account with 10 inbound-researched ideas in 48 hours.

Request blog topics ideas from Verblio

Visit your “Submissions” page and click the “Learn More” button.

Where Are My Topic Ideas?

After a preferred writer suggests a topic idea to you, we'll send you an email notification and the topic will appear on your "Topic Ideas" page. Click on the small arrow next to the "Topic Manager" tab, then select “Topic Ideas” from the drop-down menu.

Here, you will see proposed topics ideas by your preferred writers. You can either accept or decline them. If you accept the topic idea, you can choose it as a one-time topic or unlimited. If you do not wish to use the topic suggestion, just click the "Decline" button.

Once accepted, the topic will move to the “Accepted Topics” column and be shown on your "Requests" page. The request will be exclusive to the preferred writer as long as they submit a post in the first three days. If they fail to do so, any writer will be able to submit content for the request.

Have a few questions about your Verblio account? Email [email protected] to receive help from our friendly support team!

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