Skip a Month

If you just want to pause your subscription or you need extra time to catch up on credits, you can skip your next month's renewal instead of canceling your subscription.

When you skip a month, you’ll retain full account access so you can continue managing content as usual. We’ll simply skip your next scheduled renewal and then resume billing the following month. You can skip your next month’s renewal up to 3 times per year.

Learn how to skip a month here.

How to Cancel

Log in to your account, click on the "More" tab, then choose "Subscription Status" from the drop-down menu:

Click the "Cancel this subscription?" button:

Just tell us why you're leaving and you'll be all set!

What happens after I cancel my subscription?

After you cancel, you will have an additional 30 days from the date of your cancellation to access your subscription and use your remaining post credits before they expire. For example, if you cancel your subscription February 20th, your subscription will remain active until March 20th.

After your subscription expires, you will still have access to all of your previously purchased posts by logging in and navigating to the "Purchases" page. You will not be able to use any remaining credits and you will not be able to see anything in the "Submissions" or "Declines" categories.

Ready to receive more content? No problem! You can reactivate your subscription at any time by logging in to your account and choosing a new content plan.

Still have questions about your subscription? Email [email protected] and our team will gladly help!

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